S.S. Braided Hose

SS braided hose

SS braided hose
Amahusian SS BRAIDED HOSE is manufactured in austenitic steel ansi 321, 316, 316l & 304 grades. We are leading stainless steel braided hose manufacturers in Mumbai


Stainless steel annular corrugated metallic flexible hoses are manufactured in austantic steel ANSI 321, 316, 316L & 304 grades conforming to BS 6501, Part-1. The annular corrugated metallic hose body provided the flexibility and pressure tight core of the assembly. We also manufacture highly flexible close –pitch hoses for special applications. When pressure is applied, unbraided tube tends to elongate axially; to restrain this, an external layer of SS wire braid is provided. The braid also makes the assembly pressure compatible. Sometimes two or even three layers of braiding are provided for high pressure applications. The braiding is highly flexible and follows the movement of the hose. The braid is normally manufactured in SS 304 wire. (Stainless Steel) SS braided hose are much greater resistant to bursting, and that they're relatively within your means. However SS 316 and 321 braids can also be manufactured. We also supply wire braid in different configurations as per customer specifications.
I. D : 6.3 & 10 mm W. P : 215 to 450 Bar


  • High physical strength combined with light weight.
  • Suitable for wide temperature range (-270° C to + 700°C)
  • Good corrosion resistance.
  • Resistance to fire, moisture, abrasion and penetration.
  • Absorbs vibration and noise from pumps, compressors, engines etc
  • Compensates for intermittent or constant movement.
  • Compensates for thermal expansion of contraction of piping.
  • Corrects problems of misalignment.
  • A flexible and quick alternative for rigid piping in difficult locations.


Refineries , Power Plants , Steel Plants , Nuclear Installations, Fertilizer Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cryogenic Services ,Chemical Industry , Boilers , Paper Plants , Lubrication Systems, Automotive Industry, Steam Hot water Pneumatic Services ,Vacuum Systems ,Air Conditioning & Refrigeration ,Ports & Ship Yards, Defense Industry, Piping, Vibration Absorption ,Railways