Hose and assemblies have a limited life which depends on various service Conditions Using the hose and assemblies beyond the recommended parameters will significantly reduce the service life. Continuous use of maximum ratings of working pressure, operating temperature and minimum bend radius will also reduce service life. Improper selection of hose, installation or inadequate maintenance may result in failures, injury to personnel and damage to equipment. Hose assemblies must be periodically checked for leaks, cover blisters, abrasion etc. And should be promptly replaced if any such symptoms are observed


WORKING PRESSURE: The pressure of the hydraulic system including occasional surge or peak pressured must not exceed the rated working pressure of the hose.

MINIMUM BURST PRESSURE: Are reference pressures during in house destructive tests and for design safety factors only.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Must be within the hose recommended range and must not exceed the minimum and maximum temperature ratings, as this can lead the premature failure.

FLUID COMPATIBILITY: Fluid in use must be compatible to the polymer used in the manufacture of the hose, if in doubt ask, do not experiment.

MINIMUM BEND RADIUS: Do not bend beyond the specified parameter as it would put excessive stress on the braided reinforcement and greatly reduces the pressure resisting capability of the hose.

HOSE DIAMETER: Select the correct diameter of the hose to handle the required flow volume. Using a smaller than required diameter of hose would cause excessive fluid turbulence, drop in system pressure, excess heat buildup and damage.

HOSE DRESSING: Select the correct diameter of the hose taking into account vibrations, flexings, movements etc. Use bends, elbows, tees, adaptors, protective sleeves wherever required to prevent excessive abrasion, bending, pulling, kinking, contact with heat sources or corrosive substance.

HOSE APPLICATIONS: Please select the right hose for the right job. Eg. A hydraulic hose would not be suitable in a steam applications and vice versa. Never Compromise and if in doubt please ask us, the correct answer is only a phone call / fax message away.